Amending this! Especially wanting to know good books about setting! As well as any other you care to mention. And if you're on Shelfari, please tell me! thanks.

I find that there aren't that many books about setting.
I ordered one by Jack Bickham (Setting). Waiting for it to come.
Any recommendations for good books concerned with Setting? that would be great.
In replying to a discussion I just mentioned a great book I am reading. No, not fiction. it's called "The First Five Pages." by Noah Lukeman.
it's good I think to see what an Agent has to say.
If we want our work read beyond the first five pages (or sometimes even fewer than five)--before it's on the reject pile, then we should read this book. It makes sense. No use pretending things are rosier than they are, either.
I'm analyzing and ruminating on everything he says. And it's interesting. Extremely so.
Are there any good books you'd recommend?
I have a few in mind--but I'd like to hear what you guys say--and your reasons for saying it.
some books are more helpful than others--and it might be of benefit to hear which are the best.
Thanks guys.

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I'm a big fan of "Self-Editing" as well. I like too "The Art of Fiction" by John Gardner. Not all the chapters may be of interest to a genre writer, but what is is brilliant, concise, persuasive. A book both theoretical and practical.

A little known book that I find myself re-reading every year is Oakley Hall's "The Art and Craft of Novel Writing."

Haven't read Carolyn Wheat's book, but I took a class from her three times when we both lived in San Diego, so I have in essence. Very funny, very supportive lady, and highly knowledgeable about the writing craft, the genre, and the industry, not to mention an award-winning novelist and short story writer, whom I consider a friend now. (She once gave me her friend, T. Jefferson Parker's email, when I had a chance to sign with his agency, and what a thrill sharing a few exchanges with the guy who wrote Silent Joe!)
terrific, Eric.
She sounds nice and that's just from reading her book.
How nice she's your friend!
and how nice of her to give you Parker's email. I can imagine how you felt.
Yup, the self-editing book is excellent.
have read books by Gardner, not that one. will get that though.
just the other day I got HOW TO WRITE AND SELL YOUR FIRST NOVEL.
seems very informative--reading it last night.
it seems really good, too. thanks for that and especially thanks for sharing.
Seconded. The Art of Fiction is an excellent book.
great. thanks John.
I've heard that's good.
All the books on writing that I've read are on my Shelfari, with ratings.
You're currently reading Emotional Intelligence? Doesn't seem very hard-boiled.
Hey, the author had the same first name as me. What could I do?
Story Structure Architect got three stars? You're generous.
Damn you both! See, this is why I didn't share my Shelfari before. ;)
that's an interesting slant on this.
maybe some of us would hold back some books?!
and be too private about revealing all of our favorites?
Me! I'm still getting over my Mother's deeply ingrained dictatorial censorship! she tossed out the novel, The Group from my bedroom closet when i was seventeen!
she apologized about it later, but it kind of geared me for most things "G" rated!
How did you organize the writing books together on shelfari, to get them on their own list? I can't figure out how to do that.
You have to add your own tags to the books. It's easiest to do in the bulk editing mode.


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