I'm a blog tour coordinator for Promo 101 Virtual blog tours and I'm looking for crime related blogs for an upcoming virtual book tour to promote Tony Napoli's new autobiography My Father, My Don: A Son’s Journey from Organized Crime to Sobriety. Hosting a touring author is very easy; you can ask the author interview questions, post an excerpt from the book or ask the author to write a guest post about a specific element of the book. Then we find a date for you to post their information. In return, I promote your blog as part of the tour and this can generate new traffic for your blog. We can work with blogs, websites, newsletters, radio shows and just about anything else that will provide us with a URL that people can visit on a specific date. I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss some possibilities with you. If you'd like more information, contact me at virtualblogtours@yahoo.com.

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I do a LIVE Internet radio show, TRUE CRIMES, every Saturday 2p Pacific. The URL is

Feel free to contact me burl@burlbarer.net or outlawcrime@yahoo.com
Great Burl,

I'll be in touch.



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