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You should give them another chance.  I also don't agree with their view that both the criminal and the victims are trapped in their situations, but the writing certainly is thought-provoking.  Try THREE SECONDS.

I have THREE SECONDS.  May look at it later, after Henning Mankell, Arnaldur Indridason, and several other preferable writers.

I'm continuing to read Archer Mayor's series, just finished THE SNIPER'S WIFE.

Recently finished Ken Bruen's HEADSTONE and Connelly's THE DROP.

The joy of reading good writing.

Then I started Geraldine Evans' DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN.  I didn't last two

chapters.  Poor writing and unbelievable characters. 

I liked Bruen and will keep an eye out for THE DROP.  Not sure about Mayor.  Shall avoid Evans.  Thanks.

I have The Drop on my TBR list. Mum bought it for me for Xmas. I take it The Drop is one of Connelly's better works? Because when he is on he is on. I've read one of his that was only average, City of Bones.

I enjoyed The Drop. Well paced and engaging.

Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs

Not a Reichs fan. Love the TV show (until about season 3-4) but found her writing lacking.

Is this one any good?

Carolyn Morwood's latest - Death and the Spanish Lady.  Set in 1919 Melbourne, in the mids of the Spanish Flu epidemic. 

Henning Mankell, BEFORE THE FROST.  I've been a fan of the Wallander novels (with some minor quibbles), so I purchased this title for my Kindle.  It turned out to be disappointing. Mankell has switched from Wallander to featuring his daughter Linda.  Turns out to be a poor move, since he portrays her as pretty incompetent.  She's the sort of female that walks down into a dark cellar, knowing a killer may lurk there.  Otherwise, the plot is a thriller with a couple of religious maniacs targeting women who've had abortions. There's a link to the Jonestown massacres to make sure you get the seriousness of the threat, and a dismemberment so it's sufficiently shocking.  Beyond that, the book is slow and boring.

Stuart Neville's STOLEN SOULS may be a very good book, but I just couldn't take it.  It's noir.  That means not just mean streets and violence.  It means utter hopelessness in this case.  The fad for noir novels has swamped us with such a mass of depressing books that I may have to do the unimaginable and start reading cozies.

Still in historical settings - this time Suffragette London with A Dissection of Murder by Felicity Young.  First in her new series featuring Dr Dody McCleland, the first female autopsy surgeon.


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