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Agree Swag is great. Love Elmore.

Am obsessed w/Gardner Museum heist. Was the book by Ulrich Boser? I met him (and bought his book) at a book signing in MA. They stole the only Vermeer in N.E. And I'm still pissed.

If you're into Vermeer (and art theft in general) you might enjoy The Irish Game, by Matthew Hart. About Irish gang that steals a Vermeer from an Irish mansion. Twice. And the father-son detective team who recover it, twice.  Unlike the Boser book, which I think often gets bogged down, the Hart book is more like a non-fiction thriller.

Yep that's the one. I have an interest in art and art heists. Surprised Ben Affleck hasn't tried to make a working class 'Baaaston' porn film about this yet. Fascinating story but Boser weighs it down with a lot of 'He had a hawkish face with dark, almond shaped eyes that burned like lamps on a dark night seen from a distance' type stuff.

I just picked up the Elmore Leonard collection of Raylan Givens books (Pronto & Riding the Rap) for my Kindle. It also contains the short story Fire in the Hole, the basis for the series Justified and several other Leonard short stories. I've only read Fire in the Hole, which was fantastic and a couple of the short stories. So far, they've all been fun.
David DeLee
A Cold Wind - a Grace deHaviland novella

Pronto I thought was average, Riding The Rap was great though

so is the story Fire In The Hole...the other stories in that collection are some of his best work (and includes little prequels to Tishomingo Blues and Out Of Sight)

Good to hear. I also have the latest, RAYLAN, (in hardback). I'll get to that when I'm done with these.
David DeLee
A Cold Wind - a Grace deHaviland novella

Love to hear what you think of Raylan, once you have time to get to it!

Stephen Booth, SCARED TO LIVE.  A good British police procedural.  It's well-written and has interesting protagonists.  What I didn't like was the penultimate introduction of complications and twists that felt like an artificial way of adding extra words.  Also the twist, in retrospect, wasn't altogether believable.  I find this sort of thing happening a lot in crime novels lately. It's not good when the reader start hoping the author will just hurry up and get it over with.


Stop what you're reading and get a copy of Ake Edwardson's NEVER END.  It slowly shows the

 process of deduction and discovery and simultaneously builds much tension.  It makes you

want to skim through the descriptive paragraphs, but you don't because you may miss something.  Best police procedural I've read this year.  I've enjoyed his other books as well, but this one shines.

Ake Edwardson is very good!

Birdman by Mo Hayder. Another quirky detective :)

Although I am sitting here eyeing up my new amazon delivery of Robert Crais...hmmm...choices choices

I'm just starting Raylan by Elmore Leonard.

Finished Parallax by Ron L Marz last night. It was quite good. It will be published on my site tomorrow morning:

I'm reading STONE COLD by Robert B. Parker, one of his Jesse Stone novels. I'm enjoying it as I have all the ones in the series so far. But, I swear, I can hear Tom Selleck, who's done the TV movie versions, when I read the dialogue the fit is that perfect IMO.

David DeLee

A Cold wind -a Grace deHaviland novella


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