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Deniable Death by Gerald Seymour which is currently glacial...

Next up - After the Darkness by Honey Brown and then maybe Siberian Red by Sam Eastland or Silent Valley by Malla Nunn.

THE VAULT, by Ruth Rendell.  Vintage Rendell.  An inspector Wexford mystery.  Solid and well-written, if a tad unexciting.  Still, there are so many worse books out.

James Thompson, SNOW ANGELS.  I tossed this one fairly early.  An American writing a Finnish mystery, probably to mine the Scandinavian fad.  This one is awkwardly handled first-person pov.

Currently reading kindle version of Sweet Spot, by Lin Robinson. Great writing, by turns funny and macabre. Lin lives in Mexico. Hence his protagonist, Mundo, former baseball slugger turned journalist, does great riffs on the drug trade, the corrupt pols and police. Throw in a Mardi Gras celebration and you've got a terrific read. And I'm only halfway through the book!  Sweet Spot

Got distracted by The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams - and now The Hanging Shed by Gordon Ferris (as I'm QM'ing the discussion on 4MA next week).  I've also just had an uncontrollable urge to add Collecting Cooper by Paul Cleave to the next up pile.

I'm reading Megan Abbott's Bury Me Deep which I'm enjoying. She spoke at the Crime Factory publications launch here in Melbourne on Monday night and read an extract from her upcoming book. Gee, she's good. The extract was this beautifully wrought scene between a group young teenaged cheerleaders and their new coach. Nicely observed and beautifully written. 

Finished Raylan, very enjoyable.

Now reading Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. 

Glad to hear you enjoyed it Tim. I'm going overseas this week, and so have the first two Raylan stories PRONTO & RIDING THE RAP loaded up on my kindle for the 14 hr plane ride.

David DeLee

A Cold Wind - a Grace deHaviland novella

The Machine In Ward Eleven by Charles Willeford

I'm currently reading KRONOS by Jeremy Robinson. A Moby Dick meets James Bond thriller.

Halfway through, its an interesting read.

David DeLee

A Cold Wind - a Grace deHaviland novella

Finished  Hakan Nesser, THE INSPECTOR AND SILENCE.  A good police procedural with a very laid-back team.  The ending wasn't much of a surprise.

I'm on a Scandinavian kick, so I'm reading Lars Kepler, THE HYPNOTIST now.  Pseudonym for husband and wife.

It's a thriller and poorly written, but so far I'm hanging in there, hoping for some improvement.


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