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Just finished Karin Slaughter's KISSCUT.  Not a good book or one I normally enjoy, but interesting in that it caters to women readers (and the widest possible audience interest).  Why?  It deals with rapes, rape while crucifying the victim, pedophilia, incest, secret pedophiliac societies, pornography industry using children, sexual mutilation (i.e female circumcision), abortion and child murder,  and it also contains a romance.  Here's your recipe, fellow authors.

Thanks, I.J., for the recommendation of UNWANTED. I like the way she kept
the plot moving, but filled out the personalities of the detectives. Her
blurb said she has worked with the police for years. It shows. She has
a new one out.

Good.  And you're welcome.

Finished the new Alexander McCall Smith.  The Limpopo Academy for Private Investigation.  This African series is the only one by the author I can stomach, but this is very nice indeed and the latest is no exception.

In my car I've been listening to Hakan Nesser's THE RETURN.  I read this novel some months ago, but must say again that it is very good indeed.  The audio version is well done, and Nesser is so good that I ordered 2 of his books.  (Scandinavian police procedural).

Currently reading Mercy by Jussi Adler-Olsen (aka The Keeper of Lost Causes) which I've had for ages but as everybody was raving about it, I was scared to start :) 

Then it'll probably be back to Mari Jungstedt as I've only got a couple of hers to finish off in my own private "series read", unless something else distracts me :)

Currently reading A Wanted Man by Lee Child. Good so far.

Also have Absolute Power on audiobook. Good story, but feels over-written.

Adrian Hyland, GUNSHOT ROAD.  Australian author of a police procedural set in the outback and starring an aborigine police woman.  Interesting and well done, even if it has a far-fetched,  thriller-type wrap-up.

Best book I've read recently is The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. Really fascinating information and history on learning to understand this condition. Five Star read.

Currently reading SHE CAN RUN by Melinda Leigh. Not really my cup of tea, reads too much like a Mills & Boone for my taste.

Finished SHE CAN RUN, hated it.

Now reading Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. Seems to have mixed reviews.

Shadow of the Rock by Thomas Mogford- set in Gibraltar and Tangiers.


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