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I'd be interested to see what you think of this one Colman - I've had it on my ereader for ages now and often think I should bump up the priority :)

Thanks for that feedback Colman - maybe I'll move it "half way" up the list :)

Just finished a really good debut novel which I've posted about elsewhere.

'Kiss and tell' by TJ Cooke in the Amazon Kindle store.

would love to know what anyone thinks, because this is a bit out of the normal crime fiction template yet still manages to hit the spot. It also made me think about those guys you see on tv who warn about the dangers of decriminalising controlled drugs... and what their motivation might be.

anyway, this is just one of the angles to the book. Good to find a fresh legal/crime thriller.

Tana French, BROKEN HARBOR. Irish, I believe, though not palpably so.  She won an Edgar for INTHE WOODS.  Didn't read it and won't now.  BROKEN HARBOR is at least twice as long as it should be.  It sufferes from just about every form of overwriting there is.  I suppose it would be called a psychological novel.  In any case, everyone in this book is mentally unstable at least part of the time, and that applies also to the lead detective and protagonist, as well as his immediate and past family.

I hate those novels that are just filled with writing for the sake of writing. It takes more skill not to write in those instances.

I've just finished a couple of books, Andy McDermott and Lee Child's latest. Both pretty good and kept me going between feedings of my newborn son.

I'm now reading Reliquery by Preston and Child. I love Pendergast novels.

I like Lee Child.  Quick and satisfying reads almost all the time.

I just finished Lee Child's Tripwire and am just starting A Wanted Man. I don't know whether it was just "me" but I was a bit disappointed with Tripwire. I was waiting for the eureka moment where it all slots into place and I think how clever and inventive the author, is but I actually felt a bit sort of cheated when the "lie" was finally revealed and thought parts of the storyline were unnecessary or maybe even just too...vague? I'm hoping A Wanted Man is better so I'll wait until I've finished to read your review Tim :)

Congratulations, by the way :)

TRIPWIRE wasn't one of my favorites.

thanks for the heads up Sally. Just finished Kiss and Tell by TJ Cooke via the amazon kindle store... I'd say one of my favourite crime fiction reads this year. Really enjoyed the Jill Shadow charater and would like to read some more of her adventures.

re: Kiss and Tell by TJ Cooke, saw your comment Sammy and I agree, it is very good indeed. I saw a review by a writer for The Times  who described it as a real page turner and he's right.

Finished Reliquary by Preston and Child, another of their great Pendergast novels.

About half-way through Karin Slaughter's Fallen. Quite enjoying her work so far. TJ was it you that mentioned you didn't like her writing? Was that just a series or her style or a later/earlier book?

It might have been me.  KISSCUT by Slaughter did not meet with my approval because it blatantly exploited certain themes to sell.  That tends to make a book dishonest in the way it depicts the world, not because such atrocities don't happen, but because their abundance in one given locale is exaggerated.  I also consider it cheap because the author only cares about marketability.


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