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Thanks for the tip Jed, I'll check out those Black Lizard collections at Powell's city of books!

Just finished Michael Connelly's THE BLACK BOX.  Up to snuff.

Am reading Jasper Fforde's latest, THE WOMEN WHO DIED A LOT.  I'm not sure this series qualified for inclusion on this forum, but a few good bellylaugh's is worth a mention.  

The REALLY interesting book I'm reading is Barry Forshaw's DEATH IN A COLD CLIMATE, an excellent survey/analysis of Scandanavian crime writers.  It gave me a lot of insight into the relationship between published/translator/author.  Also attempts to describe the differences based on the differences between the geography and history or the countries.  Interesting reading, the b

ook has also given me a few new authors to sample.  

Just finished SUSPECT by Robert Crais. Fantastic story. Fantastic writer. I highly recommend it.

For a change of pace I decided to read a Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt novel. It's been awhile. Always have loved his plotting and outrageous action scenes. The one I'm reading now is ARCTIC DRIFT.

My compliments to our two members who finally posted something here.  The place has been dead.

I'm finishing Helene Tursten's TORSO. As you might suspect, this is a thriller about dismembered bodies. A tad too much, I thought, especially when combined with homosexual necrophilia, disembowelment, and snuff films. Otherwise this is a police procedural with a married female lead who gets distracted by handsome colleagues, decisions about what to wear, and (in view of rather sickening crime scenes and autopsies), too many lunches in gourmet restaurants.

Tursten is not bad, but this book should have been edited!  

Right.  I plead guilty.  Have been on a months-long kick of reading Alexander Kent.  Not mystery, so not appropriate here. I'm slowly getting back.

Guilty as charged, too. I've had my head down writing for the past few weeks, working on a novella I've finally wrestled to the ground. In doing so, I've only read a little (and I'm a notoriously slow reader anyway) and nothing seemed to hold my interest (my fault more than the writers, just too distracted to concentrate). As for buzz, If I may since you opened the door, my recent short story COP SHOT is available for free today and tomorrow from Amazon. Would love for people here to give it a try, and let me know what they think.

I'm guilty as well - can I plead the drought from hell and overly distracted.... I'm currently reading John M Green's new thriller The Turning, and from there some more local debut's - The Robbers by Paul Anderson, Rotten Gods by Greg Barron, The United States of Air by J.M. Porup will probably be the order but then again it probably won't be ... that distraction thing :)

Last night I started reading James Rollins' Altar of Eden. I do enjoy a Rollins' penned adventure.

Heartsick  by Chelsea Cain

Vowed to finish The Chicago Manual of Style. Groan!

But surely that's only useful to look things up? In the index? I've never read the MLA Manual. I keep books like that around to argue with copy-editors.  :)


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