Could you theoretically grind someone up into blow and snort all their ashes and not leave any evidence? Keith Richards snorted his father's ashes - it's close to Stephen's topic about your favourite way you've dropped a body, but I haven't done this myself. I guess I find myself wondering about the technicalities. If I read this in a crime novel I'd probably think it was way over the top, but here it is, in the news...

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Oh go on... My granny taught me how to make them. It's like there's a little bit of her in every one.
I like the fact that his father died in 2002 which means Keith was, and probably still is, partying like a rock star whilst in his sixties.

I suppose that's because he is a rock star, and that's what they do.
Love the look Harry. Maybe you can get Keith to give you some blow.
According to things I've read, ashes aren't really that small - their texture is approximately like kitty litter. After burning, the "cremains" are apt to contain recognizable bone fragments and are then pulverized in a machine, but technically they don't have the fine texture of ashes. I come by this knowledge because in addition to being a writer, I'm Administrator for the Memorial Society of the Hudson-Mohawk Region, an affiliate of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, which helps people plan affordable funerals.

I'm also a huge Keith Richards fan - I heard the Stones in concert last year and he was incredible. He's still got all the moves and he plays fantastically - but I doubt he could snort cremains. Maybe a little of the dust, though.
In the interview, he said he crushed them up and mixed them with cocaine. Certainly doable, especially for an old pro like Richards.

Yes, cremains are...kinda chunky. Actually a combo of ash and small chunks. At least my dog's were. When he died, I had him cremated & mixed his cremains in with soil. I used it to plant a rose bush. I'm not super sentimental, but I really loved that dog.
It's the rockstar equivalent of ancient cultures consuming their loved one's organs. Drugs are often cut with far more dangerous substances like driveway cleaner, or, the worst of all ... GLUCOSE!
or baby laxative.

So now we know where Mr Richards gets his super-human/walking corpse powers!

I know this is off-topic, but after seeing the Richards story, I was drawn to the one about the woman who took a cab from Beverly Hills, CA to North Carolina, then stiffed the driver. I smell an Indie-movie.
At his age I figure he's cutting it with Geritol.
Frankly, the idea of snorting my father's ashes gave me the willies, which are still creeping down my spine, 24 hours after hearing that!! The thought of having that sociopath's remains ANYWHERE near my brain make me want to open a vein in a good hot bath! Not even an option...although the idea of dumping them down an old Tennessee outhouse makes me feel all sentimental! That way he could stay in them thar hills, and what CSI team in the Smokies is going to go to great lengths to look for the old man down there?
So today he's denying it? No way--I'm not buying it.
Is he? Hadn't seen that yet. The guy is mental. Truly mental. Maybe he's fried so much of his brain he doesn't honestly know anymore.
OH, I dunno. I could see someone like Christopher Brookmyre or Charlie Williams or even Carl Hiaasen doing it in one of their books. Yes, it is over the top, but what fun it would be to read a plot that revolved around that.


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