I've read a couple of books recently where most of the characters are just flat out iccky people. The sorts of people that if you encountered them in the bar you'd be frantically pretending that somebody needed you urgently... over there.

But then I got to thinking, who would I drink with?

Who would you drink with?

Or are you a tea and crumpets kind of person and which of those fictional characters are the ones that you'd drag out the posh clothes and go for afternoon tea with?

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maybe the three of us could go out then...count me in on the hates Pat thing
Certainly no tea and crumpets here....I would love to spend a few hours with Dave Robicheaux and Clete (James Lee Burke) over a couple of cold Jax...and then maybe pass sometime chatting with C.W. Sughrue (James Crumley) and then I would really like to spend some time with Jack Taylor (Ken Bruen)...
I'll go with names and then a reason.

Elvis Cole: a wicked, slightly surreal sense of humour. I could actually talk to the guy instead of helping him drown his sorrows.

Vincent Rubio from Eric Garcia's dino-PI series: nothing like a hard night on the basil.

Hank from Willeford's THE SHARK INFESTED CUSTARD: he's the guy that would con the bouncer into letting us in. He's also the guy that would probably end up getting us kicked out, but it'd be worth it.

I went through my reading list for the last two years to find these three and couldn't find more. All the other characters are people I love reading about, but wouldn't want to get to know. They'd all be too bloody depressing. Except for Jack Reacher, but I just wouldn't have anything in common with him.
I think Eve could possibly make my teeth hurt after a while - she's be too serious, but she could bring Roarke :)

But Grace Smith (Liz Evan) and Sam Jones (Lauren Henderson) would probably make the rest of us look old and staid.

Of course Simone Kirsch (Leigh Redhead) would be a given, but only if she promised to stay off the bar and not dance.

I'd also like to get Liza Marklund's Annika Bengtzon into a bar where I'd had just enough to be game enough to tell her to lighten up.

Andy Dalziel would be welcome - we could get a most obscure or bawdiest joke of the night competition going.

Kurt Wallendar might be fun as well, but he might be best kept down the other end of the bar.

I think I'd take Royston Blake (Charlie Williams) with me for protection, delusion and a ride home in the Capri.

If I was doing tea and crumpets it would have to be Miss Marple and Precious Ramotswe, but I'd probably just end up tipping the contents of the teapot into the lap of my posh frock.
Stuart Pawson's Charlie Priest (he's just an absolute doll)

Joe Lansdale's Hap and Leonard (because they are hilarious)

Bill Fitzhugh's Rick Shannon (because of his love of music and his sense of humour)

Ken Bruen's Brant (I think he would be briliant fun down the pub, although I might end up pouring a drink all over him. And I'm definitely not going home with him afterwards.)

Colin Cotterill's Dr Siri Pariboun (he's very sweet, the conversation would be fascinating and he might keep Brant in check)

Like Daniel, I think Eric Garcia's Vincent Rubio would be a good choice.

Charlie Williams' Royston Blake (that's probaby a really really bad mistake but I think he would be a lot of fun, although he might end up snorting all the basil.)

Jack Bludis' Brian Kane (for fascinating talk of 1940's Hollywood)

Barbara Seranella's Munch Mancini (because she would be just as great compay as Barbara was)

And, from a short story, Bill Crider's Karla and Lloyd from his Damn Near Dead story CRANKED. They are just such great characters.
None. All I invited so far drank fictional beer. Lousy stuff...
NO contest. Shane Maloney's Murray Whelan (particularly if he looks anything like David Wenham!!) and Reginald Hill's Wieldy. and I think I'd like to have a cup of Bush tea with Mma Ramotswe as well.
Awwww - couldn't we just have a bit of chat about what it's like to be a reconstructed Whitlamite
Sam Spade, Tony Hill, Kinsey Millhone and V.I. Warshawski would be high on the list. I'd like to buy Carol O'Connell's Riker a drink or two, but Mallory would not be fun at a bar! Riker, definately. Jack Taylor must be there, but no liquor on my dime!
Well I'd certainly want James Lee Burke with his Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcel, Andy Dalziel, and Donald Westlake, Janet Evanovich's high-spirited Stephanie Plum, Lula in her outrageous outfits, and the indomitable Grandma Mazur. And of course Larry Block's formerly hard-drinking former cop Matt Scudder, the bumbling burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, and his sensitive hit man Keller.
What a great thread! I want to be invited to this party (which actually is starting to sound a lot like Bouchercon.) Of the many already named, I'd second Patrick Kenzie, Stephanie Plum (along with everyone else in the cast), Elvis Cole, Vincent Rubio, Hap Collins and Joe Pine, Kinsey Millhone, and Myron Bolitar,.

Throw in Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee (Tony Hillerman), Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear (Craig Johnson), Russell Quant (Anthony Bidulka) and Sid Halley (Dick Francis.) Oh, and like many others, I'd love to sip a cup of bush tea with Mma. Ramotswe.

That pub is getting pretty crowded!
John Rebus, but I'd have to watch I didn't end up paying for all his drinks.

Jack Parlabane - he'd be entertaining, and I'd enjoy engaging in a political discusssion with him.

Andy Dalziel - well, just for being Andy.

Simone Kirsch - she'd be bound to liven things up if it started to get a bit dull, but we'd have to be careful she didn't get us thrown out of the bar for lewd behaviour. :)

Jack Irish and Murray Whelan for their down to earth dry humour.

Jack Taylor and Harry Hole, but we'd probably have to sit them off in a corner on their own where they could quietly drink themselves into oblivion.

Kate Brannigan and Grace Smith to balance out the sexes a bit.


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