The perfect crime, possibly. A woman despises her husband, who is not only having an affair but suffering a heart condition. She secretly feeds him foods with high fat content and gives him occasional psychological jolts, until he dies of a heart attack. It's murder, all right, but could anyone prove it?

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but the husband figures out what she's up to, secretly switches the high fat food for low, and fakes his own death. the woman is dining with her new boyfriend when the husband waves to her from a nearby table. the woman inhales a peice of shrimp, husband goes to her rescue, fakes a heimlick, and she dies.
Ah, see: Youi take it!
Hmmmm. Well, it WAS working well.
I guess I'll have to insist on him being autopsied to avoid the phoney death scenario.
If you're serious, I don't think it would legally qualify as murder, even if it were possible to prove the woman had murderous intent. There are way too many men (and women) walking around with bad hearts and eating things they shouldn't, and doing things they shouldn't, and shrugging off the occasional psychological jolt without serious ill effect. Including someone I knew who was pretty much like that and lived to 90.


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