The Sopranos Are Back! Two Questions for the Barflys....

Grab a stool, place an order and lets go...

Question One-
Will Tony get whacked this season, or will he be arrested and imprisoned, or will he rise to the top of the NYC syndicate?

Question Two-
If he is sent to sleep with the fishes, who will do it and how?

My guess is he will follow Big Pussy, Ralph and his cousin Tony. The only way to end the series is to have him killed.

I think it will be quick, by the gun and his killer will be his right-hand man, Silvio. And it will just be a good business decision on Silvio's part. Tony's lack of motivation, his spilling his guts to Melfi and the desire of the NYC boys to get rid of him will be the deciding factors.
Plus, the Feds will be trying to pin Adriana disappearance on someone, and Tony gave the kill orders to Silvio. Silvio is passionless when it comes to decision making and this will be one that's good for the Family, in his eyes.

What do you guys think? Hey, where's my Macallan's?

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I think killing Tony is what's expected by most people, which makes me think it won't be what happens.

I do think there's treachery in Tony's midst and Silvio a likely source. Paulie Walnuts' loyalty, I believe, will be in question early, but I think he'll be an important part of Tony's end game... whatever that is. I'm not sure why or by whom, but I think Christopher is the major character who gets killed during this final arc. son thinks both Tony and Carm will get whacked....not me....I don't think they will kill him off....not Tony....someone will take the fall for him....maybe Silvio

I can't believe that this stupid progam has me is so freakin frustrating....but wait...isn't Carm do for a new Benz this season......
I only made it part way through the first season, so I'm no help on this one, And the main reason I watched it was that my hairdresser was on one of the first season episodes. He played the guy who got whacked when Tony took his daughter on a tour of colleges.
Tony won't get whacked. I rarely think this series acts the way we think it will or how... but I thought tonight's episode was one of the best of the series.
I agree with Dave, Tony won't get whacked. That would be too easy, and the writers on this show have always been great at refusing to follow a natural inclination or expectation. I think someone from Tony's immediate family will get capped (one of his kids?).
I'd thought for a while that Tony would lose either Meadow or AJ, too, but they're getting farther and farther away from the business. If either one of them gets killed, it'll be by accident.
I agree that Tony getting killed would be too simplistic. Perhaps he'll finally end up getting put in jail? Someone close to him finally rats him out? I don't think that anyone close to him will get killed either. I think that anyone who's opposing Tony would know that to kill one of his family would be a death sentence-family politics would go out the window. The only family member whose death I can see him letting pass by for the good of the "family" would be Janice. She's been a lot of trouble to him, and I'm not sure that's over-he could even be the one who ends up killing her.
After tonight's episode....WARNING! HERE BE SPOILERS!

I'm thinking that Bobby Baccala...sweet, dependable Bobby, who looked after Uncle June and who's always been there for everyone, but who still hasn't made going to be the cause of Tony's downfall. He may go crazy and whack him, he may turn him in, but mark my words, it's gonna be Bobby.

Silvio's got no real reason to whack Tony that he hasn't had for a few seasons now. Plus, I think Sil realizes he's not cut out to be a boss.

Paulie's too obvious, and Chris is going to get whacked by whoever replaces Philly Leotardo, probably as the price of the position. Philly still wants to kill someone close to Tony, as revenge for the whole Vito thing.
JD, I wouldn't blame poor Bobby in the least. I have a soft spot for him. And that shot of this guy at the water's edge, having lost that last bit of innocence was heartbreaking. I really hated Tony right then. What a sadistic bastard! And I got to agree with David, this is the best Sopranos episode I've seen in several years. They are starting off on their best foot this year.
This was definitely a good episode. I don't believe Tony will be killed, but there are going to be a few bodies lying around before this thing stops rolling downhill. Christopher will probably be one of them; however, it would not hurt my feelings to see the AJ character meet his end. What a brat. I guess he's just a chip off the old block.
Maybe Bobby will take him out after last night's episode. No, I don't think he'll die. It would be more of a death for him to go to jail. I think he'll end up in jail, but possibly someone else will die. Maybe Meadow, reminiscent of The Godfather III. I think that would be the hardest thing for him to endure: jail and the death of his daughter.
I predict Christopher will get it by Tony's hand, indirectly. And an unforeseen result of Tony's decision will be the accidental death of one of his children.

(Meadow happens to be in the car with Chris when it gets blown up, etc. ...)

That will be Tony's legacy. He did the right thing for the business but the personal cost was devastating.


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