Sometimes but not always, procrastination is your subconscious telling you are on the wrong track. I think Lawrence Block said that too. (If you need more of an authority than me.)

He also said that once he stops writing a particular book and starts on another, he never goes back to the first--ever. I think Block is wrong in that regard. I've gone back to an incomplete book many times.

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Hi Jack,

I agree, procrastination can sometimes be about timing!! But not always. That's the hard part --figuring out which!! It might not be the wrong track, but the timing in itself. Sometimes, I feel ready to write something, then other times, the timing seems off -- I'm not ready -- the UNIVERSE isn't ready -- whatever!! I committed, several years ago, to trust "perfect timing." That means I must trust it even when it doesn't make sense to me!

AND I also agree that I don't think stopping on a work in progress means we should never go back to it. Once again, timing is everything!!


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