We are almost 7.5 years into this decade (where does the time go?). So I am wondering, what is the sole, most influential crime/mystery novel written this decade and why? There are some of you who are numerically challenged out there, so I am asking for just ONE book.

Gumshoe Carl (going through my list).

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Since you asked for the most influential--not necessarily the best--I would have to say The DaVinci Code.
Ummm...okay.....DaVinci Code--so why?
It spawned a slew of copycats, the same way Silence of the Lambs did in the 90s. Selling millions of copies tends to have that effect. I'm not saying it's in the same league with SOTL, but you can't deny its influence in the publishing world.
I see your point Jude. Dan Brown has certainly made his mark with DC.
Hmmm. Tricky question. I think the book that has influenced me the most in the past ten years (97-07) would have to be LA Requiem by Robert Crais. It really opened up the PI novel into the thriller world.

But overall influential? Yeah THE DAVINCI CODE seems to be a good choice.

I hate to be agreeable but it seems I do agree with Jude. It was certainly not my favourite book, that would be Silence of the Grave, but The DaVinci Code did get the most hype and attention in general.
I suppose everyone's right, DaVinci Code. You don't suppose we could change the question to the most influential crime/mystery novel for you?
Hmm, tough question. I think Silent Joe was a stand out book for me, but a lesser known one is Denial by Stu Kaminsky... But that's personal opinion...
On a personal level, the most influential crime/mystery novel for me has to be Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham. After reading it I knew I had to be a writer.
Well, personally, I think The Guards by Ken Bruen is the most influential crime novel of the decade (so far). The Guards was the beginning of an incredibly moving, provocative series.

Yes, there are so many others, but right now, it is the one that comes to mind.

…On my side, definitely the most influencal was Marc Behm's "Eye of the beholder".
Eye of the Beholder is a terrific book but it was not published in this decade. Check the publishing stuff in the front of the book.


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