When browsing in the bookstore, what makes you want to read on?

I wrote a short a while back with an opening line that read: I remember the exact time we decided to kill the president. After a few folks read it, they thought it was a 'killer' opening. But, then I thought more about it, surely someone had opened with something similar before...

So, here I is; when I should be working, going through opening lines from my bookshelf.

Robert Crais: HOSTAGE---The man in the house was going to kill himself.

James Patterson: HONEYMOON---THINGS AREN'T ALWAYS as they appear.

Ed McBain: HARK---Gloria knew that someone was in her apartment the moment she unlocked the door and entered.

Donald E. Westlake: FIREBREAK---When the phone rang, Parker was in the garage, killing a man.

What's your favorite opener? The one you wrote that you like best?

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I enjoyed Fucked Again because usually I'm ladylike and proper and my characters are so decent. Every now and again it's nice to stretch yourself.

Simon Kernick is a great author Dennis. I'm having a draw to win one of his books for free right now, just email me by tomorrow night and you'll be entered. Also giving away a free Rankin book...
Okey, dokey...
Sandra quoted Rankin. SHOCKED!!!

I don't go by first lines either. Usually I go by what I've heard about the author, if I've heard anything about the book, the summary on the flyleaf (or the back). Lately I've been playing catchup, buying books I've checked out of the library and read and wanted to buy, but never got around to.
Yeah, and she started with him too--another shocker. :)

I'm a patient reader and the whole of the book is much more important to me. I also love first books. Also, the book jacket blurb is important in telling the premise of the book. If I like it, I'll buy it.
Although this is a polytheistic society the Supreme Deity still requires the occasional lighting of candles, sacrifice of virgins and first place on lists.*

That said, I did quote a short story, not a book. ; )-

* 2 of 3 may not be true.
Here's some choice non-fiction & fiction openings from my book shelf:

"Just when we were all getting used to the idea that our Annie was going to be more or less gainfully employed organizing the linen closet or darning socks by the fire, the damsel is off again-this time to Iraq. You might be forgiven for thinking that after Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel in the last year, NPR could come up with, say, an indepth series on beach erosion between Bordeaux and Biarritz, but the straws in this outfit all appear to be short."
Naked in Bagdad by Anne Garrels
It is an e-mail sent by her husband Vint Lawrence to their friends on the eve of NPR Reporter Anne Gerrels' trip to Iraq, just before the US invasion in 2002.

"It was one hell of a night to throw away a baby."
In the Bleak Midwinter by Julia Spencer Flemming

"The cop climbed out of his car exactly four minutes before he got shot."
Persuader by Lee Child
Those are very good---The hubby's e-mail is classic...
Thanks, Nikki

If the curtains hadn't caught fire... is a real grabber.
One of my favorite's is from Nick Sagan's Idlewild. "I'm not dead. A dim realization, but an important one because I should have died."

I don't think I have a favorite that I've written yet. The first sentence of the current project needs a little work...
"'Of course I know what that is,' snapped the whore. 'I went to college.'" from LADYKILLER

I also love the new SJ Rozan: "He was surprised, how light she was."
LADYKILLER---I'm gonna buy it.

I'll let you know how it was, Lawrence.
That's a goody, Margot. Makes you havta read on...


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