has anybody tried iListen? the voice recognition software for Macs? the few reviews I've found online certainly don't rave about it. I know that Dragon Naturally Speaking is supposed to be the best of the best, but it's not for a Mac -- although apparently it can be made to work on one, but that in itself seems to require additional software and hardware and some geek.

Does anyone use Dragon? I would hate to switch from a Mac to a PC, but I've been waiting years for Dragon Naturally Speaking to come out with a Mac version and I don't think it's ever going to happen.

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Dear Fuck King,
I talk to myself too much as it is. I'm better at writing than say, telling a joke, so I don't know if voice recognition is for me. There was an interesting essay written by the author of THE ECHO MAKER in the New York Times Book Review about using voice recognition software. I'm too lazy to look it up for you, but I think you can do a regular search for it.

But don't go to the dark side for one piece of software.


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