Who else caught the premiere of USA Network's newest summer series last night at 10? Well done all around. I liked the depth Jeffrey Donovan displayed as Michael Westen, a suddenly-disavowed spy who puts his talents to use as private investigator in Miami. The voice-over worked (speaking as someone who's come to hate voice-overs) as did British Gabrielle Anwar's Irish brogue. More, please.

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I agree the voice-over could get old, but in the pilot I found it more informative than smug. He didn't seem to be poking fun at anyone, just resigned to what had to be done. If BURN NOTICE has a long run, they could move away from the voice-over as MACGYVER did.
I guess I'm easily entertained because I liked it. But then, I'll watch anything with Bruce Campbell in it. He's always excellent. The VOs didn't bother me at all, but I like them on Veronica Mars as well.
I didn't realize it was on Thursday until that morning (I thought it was next week), plus I was late to my writer's group and didn't have time to run home and set the Tivo. It sounds great, though - does anyone know if there's an encore?
According the USA Network website, the pilot will be repeated today (Saturday) at 5:30PM and again Monday at 11PM. Those airings are with commercials, so it will run 90 minutes. Fire up that DVR!
I finally caught up with episode #2. I like the show. I just wish I liked it more. The ensemble is gelling nicely. But after two outings, there are some clear problems. Stylistically, I don't think the show will wear well; the incessant voiceover and the hey-look-at-me! direction are already growing tiresome. The villains Michael has squared off against seem beneath him. And in both episodes, the third act plotting was a mess, with resolutions that felt abrupt. I'll try it again, mainly because it's summer and it's an easy show to watch. But it's hard to love.
Hey, I made The Box Office category just for you, Gerald, and you're posting in The Main Bar?

Sheesh. :)
My mistake, Daniel. Thanks for moving the topic.
We were watching last week's episode when I suddenly said, "Hey, that's Mark from across the street."

My neighbor is one of the two FBI guys-- the white one with the pockmarked face.

I know, it's a pretty lame claim to fame, but I think it's cool.
Crimespree Cinema's Jeremy Lynch reports USA Network is ordering 13 additional episodes of BURN NOTICE.
Based on the ads I didn't have great hopes for the show. I've watched three or four episodes and while the show isn't especially innovative it is good light fun. Weston, Campbell and Anwar (*pant*pant*) are all solid and that guy they have playing Weston's brother seems to be cloned from Jason Priestley.
Yesterday, literary/crime fiction writer Tod Goldberg, brother of TV writer/producer Lee Goldberg, announced he'd signed a three-book deal to write BURN NOTICE tie-in novels. Having read Tod's short story collection, SIMPLIFY, I'm excited to see where he takes Michael Westen and the gang.


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