Hey y'all (I'm a Texan). Looking forward to get to know everyone.

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Welcome aboard, and have fun looking around! There's still a lot I haven't gotten around to exploring yet...
Welcome from another Texan!
I see in your profile you live near Dallas - I'm in Fort Worth. Know any local authors?
LOL Thanks, I will consider myself warned...des
Psst, Loomis, One of us is supposed to warn her. Didn't you get the memo?

Welcome! The first time I saw your Great State was from the window of a Greyhound Bus going East to West. Bus driver woke us up a little after midnight to tell us we had just entered the King Ranch. Some time after breakfast we exited the property. Yikes! My first real Texas town was El Paso. Got to San Antonio a number of years later and Dallas Fort Worth area a few more years after that. Sure glad I had the opportunity to see other spots after El Paso...in July.
Ah! lovely El Paso. I prefer the Gulf Coast or someplace that has actual trees! El Paso and Lubbock don't rank high on my list.

Spent a lovely week on the beach near Galveston last year with some writer friends. Nice weather, cheap steak dinners, and friendly people. Had to watch out sunbathing, though, as every truck in the county seemed to racing up and down the beach. What's with that?


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