so a severed head rolls across the floor and hits your foot. you look down and say, "Jesus!"

or not.

i'm editing page proofs, and i noticed that three of my characters use the same Jesus exclamation in different dramatic situations. this must stop. what would you say if a severed head rolled across the floor in front of you?

holy shit!

holy crap!


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Damn Skippy, Granny!
Kids, last warning. Put your shit up, or I give it away!
Depending on how heavy the head was when it hit my foot, I might say "Ouch!" ;)
I'd reply to "Jesus", with:

"Nope. It's Dave. Hair's shorter." (or whatever the deceased's name was)
You folks would all seriously have the presence of mind to SAY something? I have to say I'd probably just scream, a la Jamie Lee.
I'd probably faint. Or I might glance down to see if it was someone I knew (might be hopeful about an ex husband)--Of course, having said that, I'm not a screamer, never have been. So I wouldn't do that. I think I would yell though if it actually happened. I'd yell out OH MY GOD.
"Well, ain't that a dilly of a pickle."
I totally heard Ned Flanders saying that.
You just wanted to push this post to 100 replies.
yep! :D


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