so a severed head rolls across the floor and hits your foot. you look down and say, "Jesus!"

or not.

i'm editing page proofs, and i noticed that three of my characters use the same Jesus exclamation in different dramatic situations. this must stop. what would you say if a severed head rolled across the floor in front of you?

holy shit!

holy crap!


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I'm so stealing this graphic for my blog...
My blog got an NC-17. One of the proudest moments of my online life.
Mine is rated G. I'm so humiliated. What's a girl gotta do for a NC17 rating these days anyway? Wait; I bet this is one of those, "If you have to ask..." moments, isn't it?. Sigh.
How about:

"What doesn't this damn head stay buried?"


"The next time that damn dog dig this up, he'll be joining it."
What would Jesus say if a severed head rolled over his water-walkers?
...for those of you in the midwest, sorry we said "fuck" so much.

Quiz: What movie was that the last line to?
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
How about: 'Dude, you lost your hat'.

I'm not sure people scream all that much. Fear knocks the wind out of you - you don't breathe deeply enough to get a big lungful of air to let rip with. I don't think I've ever screamed in my life; I do gibber when frightened, though. Maybe an 'Oh my god, oh my god' thing, but low and chant-like, not in an 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' way.
i scream when bats fly at me. i know that.
sounds like we might have some dads who would be willing to test the head scenario.
Med students. Those are some sick fuckers. Guy I know stuck a cadaver hand on the top of the coke machine where he was taking anatomy. When the guy came to refill it it landed on his head. That machine stayed unfilled the rest of the year.

Then, there's always the penis in the coffee cup gag. Now, that one's a hoot.


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