Today, flushed with the success of several recent internet forays on behalf of my novel, I posted a blog entry at Women of Mystery ( about how essential internet videos have become to me for writing scenes.

If it's something you haven't tried, it's so easy. Just use a Google Video search, or simply google 'video, heart transplant...or 'video, bugle plays taps' or whatever your fancy.

I've found clips on anything and everything, providingly amazingly pertinent details. There's no substitute for being there, of course (in a video you can't smell the smoke or feel the heat from the fire), but when you're immersed in a scene and don't want to lose momentum - or get up off your behind - and your mind's eye is murky on some essential's incredibly helpful to have sight and sound details at your fingertips.

- Lois

Lois Karlin

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Good to know ...
I'm constantly amazed at what's available on the web. I'd never have thought to look for videos of anything, much less use it as a tool. I guess I don't think 3rd dimensionally, *G*!


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