I so want to get the hell out of Dodge. Turn in this book, go somewhere gorgeous, where there are plenty of drinks and people to cart them to me. My wish list is long (Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Italy). Where have you been that you'd recommend? Or where would you want to go, if you could just take off right now?

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Steve, not that I don't also have MUCH love for the coast. Downeast in particular.
In fact, if I were ever to come into enough money to do so, I'd have two places. One up in the woods around where Patrick lives & the other in Lubec. Which is another of my most favorite places in the world.
Actually, though, if I did have THAT much $$$, I'd have to have THREE places. LOL. One up north, one in Lubec & another somewhere in Casco Bay on one of the islands. Probably Great Diamond. Love it there too.
That way I could take the ferry into Portland a couple times a week to eat lunch at my all time favorite restaurant The Porthole & visit the bookstores.

OK. I imagine that I've already worn out my welcome & bored everyone with my love for Maine enough for one day.


- Jim
That's right, Patrick, you'll always be a flatlander. The truth hurts. But don't let it get you down. :)

Lubec is very nice. I spent most of my summers around the Machias area because that's where my grandparents live. I used to go to Campobello Island all the time.
The bar in the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas. A few minutes before dusk when the bats start to swarm off the Congress Street bridge.

Or Paris, somewhere on the Left Bank.
Toni, you might consider going to Louisiana. It's beautiful there, the food is great and the people are extremely friendly...... ;)
We have our moments. ;)
Been to:- Italy (numerous towns and cities), Barcelona, Stockholm

Wishlist:- US, Japan (Kyoto/Mount Fuji/Tokyo), New Zealand.


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