Vincent Holland-Keen came up with the idea of conducting a poll for the World's Sexiest Writer. In the effort to reveal everyone's hidden desires, you'll find a poll up on the front page. This should make it easier for those that were too chicken to speak out, as the poll is completely anonymous.

I've started it off with a few that have been mentioned or are generally popular (as far as I know). Feel free to add your own answer by clicking on 'Add writer'. Then make sure you vote on the name you added.

Try not to add too many joke names like James Bond, Seymour Butts, or Vincent Holland-Keen.

If you're having trouble thinking of any, just listen to those little noises coming from your erogenous zones. What, yours don't make noise? Mine do. It sounds a little like ...

The poll will stay up until Friday night August 17th, PDT. So I'll close it some time on my Saturday.

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I'll let it run for a week, so last day will be next Friday.
We seem to be spreading the votes out over a plethora of choices.
I think a couple of people are having some fun with the poll or don't understand how it works. I say this because there are a number of names up there with zero votes. I'll clean the poll up as it goes.

So who keeps adding my name and not voting, huh?
a couple of people are having some fun with the poll or don't understand how it works.

This is clearly true, since I got two votes.
Me too! Yep, there's a whole lotta fun with sexy writers going on round here.
I'd go with the view that 2 votes implies just the right degree of sexiness. More than that is just showing off.

'Fraid I've got another name to zap - Suw Charman. Charming girl though she is, I'm afraid she hasn't had a work of fiction published yet and her admirers clearly didn't spot that requirement.

By the way, was it due to close last Friday or this coming Friday? It just looks like people are still finding the poll and voting, so it might be worth leaving it open a little longer.
I'm sure Jack Nicholson would have got the same number, at least based on the dialogue in The Witches of Eastwick.

I've added the actual date (doh!) and I'll zap the name right now.
it's too bad we can't vote for more than one...
Heh! Either Giles Blunt has a legion of fans out there, or someone's figured a way to log in multiple votes. Still, it's effective; I checked out his website, and while his face and figure do nothing for me, the site got me interested enough to check out one of his books from the library.
There might be a link to the poll somewhere else that I'm not aware of, but it is possible to vote again if you know what you're doing. There's only a couple of ways to block repeat votes in an open poll. Can't wait till Ning offers and integrated polling service!
Yeah, while I tried to say up front that the poll idea was all about shallow appeal and nothing to do with writing, those people getting the most votes I have found myself looking up. And, I suppose, while the number for Giles Blunt does look a bit fishy, if it's just one person repeat voting, they've done it enough times to make clear they think he's really sexy, which perhaps does count for more than a regular sex appeal that doesn't encourage people to try to cheat the poll.


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