Wow. A self-published writer claims that he was selected for Oprah's Boo... -- and the world's most credulous reporter swallows the guy's claim and runs a fawning newspaper profile.

Ms. Oprah is not amused.

I know we're always looking for new ways to promote ourselves...but can you imagine having the stones of this guy?

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What a prat. I would never buy the book in a million years anyway, but that cover would put me off straight away. It's crap. I can't believe anyone would lie like that - that's just awful.

guys like that give your average pimp and whore a bad name.
Gee, um... so who was defending the media against stirring up unsubstantiated stuff this week?

I think I'm just going to be happy that books are so relevant that we have scandals hitting us through the media. Clearly, we've arrived.
Hmmm... maybe someone with a Provincetown series might get a plot idea...
The guy resigned his job today.

All the more time for those national TV appearances, I guess...
Interesting that the author's initials are...B.S.


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