Does anyone have any advice or resource that addresses chapter organization and length?

Currently, my second chapter ends naturally at about half the length of the first. Is this appropriate, or is there some rule regarding chapter length?

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Very clever! Sounds difficult, though. The titles would have to fit the content, no?
Yeah, it was difficult. I found out pretty fast that it wasn't going to work. I like the idea, though.
Hi, Eric,
There are no hard and fast rules regarding chapter length, but a good rhythm , where most chapters flow in an anticipated length, does make reading more enjoyable for most people. The current popular style seems to be short chapters where action flows visually from scene to scene. I think this fits with most people's lifestyles, never wanting to put a book down in the middle of a chapter, but not having enough time to commit to reading a long chapter in one sitting.
I shortened my overall chapter length for my latest manuscript, and I firmly believe, as do my first readers, that it makes for a more compulsive read.

Best of Luck!
Donna Carrick
Hi, Donna:
Thank you for this advice. I've been looking through various books to see what chapter lengths I like, and I believe you're right -- shorter chapters are the way to go. However, there's also a psychological bind when you think you have to read 50 chapters!! :-) I look forward to checking out your web site.
Many thanks,


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