My novel-in-progress is a thriller. On its own, the first chapter is a creepy little murder mystery.


Can I submit the chapter as a short story?


If the short gets published, can it still be used in the novel?




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Absolutely. You may need to see what rights you give away when the short is published (many outlets nowadays only ask for the first rights and you can do what you want after six months at the most), but there's not likely to be anything to hang you up.
I don't see why not. I've done the same thing with a novella. The first chapter was a short story I already had published in a literary magazine.
The rights are what concerned me. I thought publishers wouldn't want the novel if part of it was tied up elsewhere. I know I'm thinking too far ahead considering the story isn't even finished, but, that's what I do.

Thanks, everyone.
As long as you're not writing acceptance speeches yet ...
No, not writing acceptance speeches yet. Thinking about 'em, though.... :)
I understand. Thanks, Dan.


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