Anyone heard or know anything about an agent named Joel Gotler at IPG? He's just asked to see my co-authored (and nearly completed) WIP.

If you've heard something negative, please message me, as that would only be polite.


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I didn't know you were in the market for an agent, Eric. I don't know anything about Joel Gotler, but I know most agents won't look at anything unless it's finished.
Hi, Jude. We're 98% finished and wanted to get the ball rolling before everything comes to a halt for the holidays.

I'm in the market because my co-author left his agent and he thinks we should have a neutral agent for our joint stuff, rather than mine. There are a few other reasons, but he made a compelling argument.
Better check your contract with the one you have now. You might end up paying them both.
Not sure if this helps, but P&E lists him here:
Nothing negative, plus it looks like he has made at least one sale they verified.

Agentquery only lists Amy Shiffman at IPG: , but has him mentioned as a partner.

So no bad news, in case this helps.
Thank you, Fleur.
Michael Connelly dedicated THE POET to Joel Gotler and another agent, called them great advisors, agents, and friends. I'd say you've got a a big time agent interested in your work. Congrats!
Thanks for that. Makes me feel better. I asked because I found it hard to research Joel Gotler as his agency doesn't have a website and his being based in Hollywood made me a tad nervous given the history of intellectual property theft out there.

My co-author and I as it happens finished the ms today and sent it off to Joel as well as a pair of other very heavy hitter agents, so devastation or elation waits round the corner!
Good luck with MS and good luck sleeping. I'd be drinking a lot.


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