Are all writers introverts? Are you? Take the Jung Typology Test and find out.

I've recently been collecting scores from writers who take the free Jung Typology Test online, and so far all of us are introverts. I wrote a guest post about this on Jane Kennedy Sutton's blog during my book tour last month, and I've just reprinted the article on my own blog.

The test derives from the Myers Briggs Personality Test. It involves answering 60 yes/no questions, takes only a few minutes, and has some genuine validity. You'll learn which of 16 personality types you are. For example, I'm an INFP, an "idealist healer." The initials stand for introvert, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. My type "can seem shy, even distant around others. . . they can work quite happily alone. . . demonstrate, like the other Idealists, a remarkable facility with language. They have a gift for interpreting stories, as well as for creating them, and thus often write in lyric, poetic fashion."
Here's the link to the test:

I love the description of my type, but so far, I haven't found any other INFPs among my respondents. Please take the test and post your results either here or on my own blog at the link below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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But does homicidal psychotic count as an extrovert? That's obviously the key question. Well, that and the issue of what you do with the bodies.
I'm a ISFJ "Guardian." I prefer cranky old lady-in-waiting. There is one a few doors down, who has to go to the neat and orderly neighborhood in the sky and then I will step up. Until then I practice my glare on the local squirrels, water my boulevard to excess, and buy plants that deliberately make it impossible to grind a skateboard on my front retaining wall.
I took it and I am, according to the test. On the other hand, I get starved for human interaction after too many hours of isolation.
Interesting. I have always tested as an INTP, but this time shifted to INTJ. Looks like aging has made me more judgmental. Like in Minerva's comment, most people don't believe me to be an introvert. In my case, this is my comfort zone, where I go to relax and recharge. I have trained myself to function as an extrovert because it is necessary for some important activities in my life.
I took the test a while ago and don't remember my acronym, but the idea was that I was an introvert who could successfully socialize when necessary. (I supposed that's at the opposite end of Agoraphobic.)
Thanks to all of you for your fascinating responses so far. I believe several other writers came up with INTJ. I have them written down somewhere, but of course I can't find them right now, so I'll report back soon. So far you're still all scoring as introverts, except for Edward, who says he enjoys writing in collaboration with someone else.
I should clarify that I also like writing by myself - I just suspect that my extrovert tendencies make me enjoy the collaboration as well or more. But yeah, everyone else is an introvert (depending on how you score homicidal maniac). Can't exactly say it's a big shock :)

thanks for the post, Julie.
ENFP (heavy on the F, moderate on the rest) for me. Apparently, that makes me a Champion with zany charm. There you go :o)
Wow, an extrovert - practically the first one! Thanks for replying.
Hey, the only other extrovert I think! Welcome to the very small club. I'm a J instead of a P, though, and moderate on all four of my values.
Definitely an introvert here. I'm afraid I'm an INFJ rather than an INFP.

I see that my type is supposed to help the downtrodden. I am politically active, but this doesn't mean I like to actually interact with the downtrodden or the well-heeled. Just do what I say and leave me alone...

Other famous INFJs listed... Hmm. Aristophanes? I translated Aristophanes. Liked him. Chaucer? Didn't translate him (and he requires it!). How did they figure their personality types out? You can't go by the writing style - or does someone out there know something I don't?
Thanks for replying, Sarah. The "do what I say and leave me alone" sounds a lot like me!


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