My work-in-progress is a crime novel set in California.  The protagonist is a long-serving detective in Robbery/Homicide in San Francisco.  What I need to know is about the cars they drive.  Is there one issued to them, or do they use their own car and claim it back. Is there a pool that they pick from.  If it is issued, can they take it home, use it on weekends, etc.  

The car will be wrecked during a chase in the story, so what would happen in that case.   Thanks Denis. 

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I found this link on the SF Police website. It will answer some of your questions:

To find out more I suggest contacting their media unit.

Thanks Liam, much appreciated. Denis.

Sorry that I'm coming in fairly late to this question, but if you're still looking for info, try Reddit.

There's a sub-reddit—

— that might be able to point you directly to your answer. Last year I found my way to a pilot sub-reddit for questions I had about flying. I explained that I was a novelist, thus defending my ignorance, and ended up with a fairly long thread from experienced guys who weren't upset when I peppered them for exact crime-in-flight related info I'd probably find nowhere else. If you're not familiar with Reddit, you'll have to sign up, but it's free and simple. You'll find a lot of smart (and a few strange) people... but generally the info is sterling.



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