Ning is transitioning to a pay-only model, meaning the platform will no longer be free. This means Daniel will either have to pay up or shut down.

Read about this development here.

Daniel, how will this affect us? What are you planning to do?

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That is something to consider Stacy, but as a self-published writer I don't think I hold any special talent over any new writers out there. Even with my writing award for my debut novel FIRST BLOOD I know there's a whole lot of people much more literary talented that I am.

Personally, I think contests are a good direction. It's a good way to help save Crimespace, and for new writers, (and established ones) to get notoriety.

I write novels and screenplays mostly, in between I make the time to participate in contests. Win or lose, I find it a great way to market my own work ;)
An excellent idea. If you don't like it, don't participate.

But if Daniel charged and he got enough people to enter, he could split the revenue with between Ning and the winning writer (to encourage entries). Crimespace could highlight the winner. Daniel could even put together a Kindle anthology and charge money for that.

Daniel might need some help with all this, too.
Some different people on the Ning forum said the fees would be four or five dollars a month but I don't know if that's true. Yet that's what I read in the comments section.

I think this is unfair. I think Ning should allow free sites that already exist, continue being free and then just cancel the free service for upcoming sites. That's all they have to do if they want to pay. It's not fair to make others who have had their networks for a long time pay all of a sudden. I don't think they should charge anyone to be honest, but if they decide to, I don't think they should charge people with existing networks and accounts.

We'll see. I am hoping that this blows up in Ning's face and they will change their minds. I know they are getting a lot of heat from it and maybe if they get enough, it will influence something.

Best Wishes!
Sounds to me like a "donate" button and maybe a brief fundraiser once or twice a year would be a fine idea, if Daniel felt like getting into it. He could use the $ to fund contests, etc. Might be a whole new wrinkle for the site.
Yeah, I like the writing contest idea for funding purposes. As to competing against esbablished writers. . . eh, we do it all the time when we submit.
Not crazy about the idea of a contest as a fund-raiser. I never pay to enter a contest myself because they seem shady to me.

But we could put signed books on eBay, with the proceeds going to Crimespace. One book a year, plus postage and such, wouldn't be a lot. Plus it would be promotion.
That's a cool idea.
It appears May 4 is the date Ning chose to release the finer details of its plan. Read about it.
I have a feeling that Daniel and all of us would be happier with a free venue. Now the idea is to tell Daniel about such places (sorry, I know too little about the subject to be of use) and let him take his pick. Then Ning can do its facilitating of the move.


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