Some of you may be unaware that Ning, the company that owns the servers and software that power CrimeSpace, is soon to be charging for the service.

There are some 'teaser' prices from them recently announced here:

For this network, $200 a year isn't bad. It includes the ability to run ads and I can probably get half that amount from there. If it's $100 a year with a
little PayPal donation button we should be fine.

And we still don't have to worry about it for at least three more months. I'll keep you all up to date as the situation unvravels.

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Paypal is easy to set up and very secure. It'd be a good time to get to know it anyway.
We won't have to worry about PayPal for a while. We can probably get by with everyone clicking on ads regularly. Not yet though!
PayPal is a natural way to send money, boys and girls. If this old fart can figure it out--anyone else can.
They'll show up eventually. I hope. Maybe.
You boys talk so much it's hard to get a word in edgewise. ;)
Sounds good, Daniel.
Thanks for the update, Daniel, and I'll be on the lokout for that PayPal donation button. I don't want Crimespace to go away!
PayPal up and running, just let us know when to click ads or mobilise $$$.
Thanks for all your hard work Daniel.
Best networking site for our genre and for the wider reader/writer etc community.
I thought I posted here. Maybe it was on the other thread. Okay, just give the word. Maybe better on the front page. I don't come to this side regularly. Sorry, but able and willing to do whatever.


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