The Sun newspaper-largest circulation in UK (4,000,000 +) has just reviewed 1/1: Jihad-Britain and given it 4 Stars the highest scoring review this week. Does anyone have first hand experience that it really helps sales?

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I'm asking because this is my first national review, local news reviews have not seemed to produce much.

Why? Have you stopped writing? By the way I attempted to make friends with you on Facebook

but ended up leaving you a message. 

Congratulations.  Yes, national reviews help a lot.  Plus, you can quote the lovely things on all your future books.  I adore reviews, all of them. They are the best part of getting published.  And these days, they are harder to find than hen's teeth.  Much good luck!
Thank God I was beginning to think people would only reply in the negative.

My debut thriller Pocket-47 got a starred review in Publisher's Weekly. The review created some buzz among industry insiders (literary agents and film companies), and I link to it often for potential readers to see. It might help sell some books, and then if those readers tell five friends and those five friends tell five friends...


Word of mouth sells books, but I think reviews help with initial visibility.

I know word of mouth is best but when you reach pensionable age and don't leave the house much with various ailments getting the word out is very hard. I've used all of the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter etcetera but I just wished I had my granddaughter's address book, pity their generation seem to read less.

Congrats on getting that solid review, Jack.  Luv your cynical comment on the youngsters.  Try asking the folks on WG2E, who are tracking their numbers against hardback sales, using actual cases.  You might get some inside info or, at least, a link with stats. 

Excuse my ignorance Mary but what is WG2E?
Not about WG2E, but Amazon let's you track their sales daily via Novelrank.
Thanks for that I will check it out.
I'm hoping to get involved with PW later this fall with my upcoming book.
I presume you mean Publishers Weekly? I must be fair and say it is not a publication I have even considered but I will look into the possibility.


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