Sound off if you have your own Web site (or one specifically for your book). Your publisher's site doesn't count. You must be master of this domain. Mine has two URLs: and

Twitter and Facebook don't count. Blogs, well, OK.

Following up question: How did you build it? Was it free online software? Did you pay someone to build it for you? I made mine using

Let's hear them.

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I recently redesigned my website after I got the cover image for my second book. I gave it a "Fire and Ice" theme, since my books are about icebergs and volcanoes respectively, and I think it looks cool - or hot - or whatever!

I used WordPress and am very happy with the results. It's not quite as slick as a professionally done site, like the ones by Xuni, but I still think it looks pretty sharp. I can blog out of the site, and I was able to add photos and videos myself. The best part is it's a cinch to update it any time it needs it with no middleman.
I have a website that was built by friends in the business. The great thing about it is that it uses Expression Engine, which is incredibly easy to update. I can get news about a book sale, award, review or anything else and have it up on the site in minutes. Please check it out:
Good looking site, Howard. Love the "who" "what" "where" "when" "why." Clever!
I have a blog
Someday there'll be a fancy webpage
Gotta see how the sales go

Right now I'm posting stuff related to my current book, EMPATH on Kindle, as well as posting progress on the next novella. I've been getting hits from germany and canada and Argentena
Well, onesies and twosies but it's still pretty cool!


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