Sound off if you have your own Web site (or one specifically for your book). Your publisher's site doesn't count. You must be master of this domain. Mine has two URLs: and

Twitter and Facebook don't count. Blogs, well, OK.

Following up question: How did you build it? Was it free online software? Did you pay someone to build it for you? I made mine using

Let's hear them.

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Thanks, Bill. Well, don't leave us. :)
I set mine up on too and I tried to keep it very simple. I change it around once in awhile. I just want it to look good and make it easy to get around in. I just have to remember to update it as stuff changes! Mine is
Mine is It would have been just my name, but there are a number of other Pepper Smiths out there, so it was already taken.

I use Web Easy Pro, a wysiwyg site builder, to design and update my site.
Well, I've updated the site. It's now hand-coded and designed by me. Looks a ton better than what I had before, at least in my opinion.
Yeah, I have a website, and I also have a blog, but what I find more fun - and maybe more useful, I don't know - is that I'm part of a group blog, Do Some Damage. Seven writers each posting once a week.

A few other crime witers have group blogs, Murderati, The Kill Zone, The Outfit and so on.
I hope that the banner adds change from time to time. I just hit your site and right above your banner for Cleansing Eden was the unfortuate banner add for a colon clenser.
That is royally too funny. The ad changes every time. I was looking at upgrading my account to get rid of ads, but if those keep popping up, I might leave it.
Yes. I just bought the domain last fall. Built it myself using NVU, which I think is free. My husband is a computer genius and NVU just showed up on my computer one day and he suggested I use it.

I hate java and will avoid sites that use it.
J.E. ... I just checked your site out ... looks good. However the link clear down at the bottom -- to other crime fiction writers -- is broken.
I got a little excited when I saw some thing about the South Portland Library, then remembered it was Portland, Maine, not Portland, Oregon. Ah, well ...
I have my own website: It's my blaugh, and it needs more followers. I bought my web domain early, before any other minerva koenigs could snatch it up.

Thanks for asking!
Blaugh? Blog?
You may call it a blog if you must, but I prefer to be more descriptive.


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