I don't, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested.

Wait, let me re-write that. Too many negatives.

I don't, but I'm interested in them. (That's better)

So I want to know if you use an e-reader to digest your crime fiction. My main means of doing so is still paper and the local Half Price Books. If you're not like me, which e-reader keeps your room glowing at night?

Please note, this is an anti-iPad thread. Meaning, don't argue the merits of the iPad. That deserves its own thread. Besides, I've already decided it's a clunker. And it's my thread. So there.

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I do quite a lot of reading on my phone, but when I sit down to read a book (as opposed to ...say... a guide to or an essay on something?) I prefer to have a real, paper book in my hands. It's relaxing. I can kick my glasses off and my feet up and smell the paper and the ink (and cigarette smoke and old perfume usually, since I frequent libraries more often then bookstores) and there is something special about that that I don't think E-Readers will ever be able to compete with, no matter how convenient or space-saving they are. And if you spill tea on a book it's a horrible horrible thing but it isn't The End Of All Things.

I can understand why E-Readers are good, but I don't think they're for me. I feel like a monkey when I try to figure them out in the store too... And I hate feeling stupid. There may be some underlying animosity there...
You can change the font size! And it's handy to have access to all of the internet anytime you wonder what that means or how that works...

And no! Lawl. I don't drive, actually. I've been ill for a few years now and I have enough trouble physically coordinating getting from one end of my house to the other. Shifting gears? Stop signs? MERGING!? The road does not need me endangering anyone, phone or no, thank you.

I'm all for revoking the lic or people who use their phones while they drive. Speaker phone is one thing (though i can't imagine personally carrying on a conversation while concentrating on the road) and that GPS that talks to you is fine I suppose, but texting? The whole point of texting is so you can DO IT LATER! Like when you've gotten where you're getting!

But I was one of those children who would walk down the street with my nose in a book. Broke two pairs of glasses that way... then I almost walked in front of a car and my mom forbid me to carry a book in my hand if I was walking. It had to be in some kind of bag or purse or backpack.

Then I did step out in front of a car once in high school and got tackled out of the way by a friend and realized how smart my mom really was! LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS KIDS they only don't want to have to scrape you up off the pavement!

I was thinking of getting an E-Reader for my friend though, I forgot to mention. She does the e-book thing.


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