How do I ask authors and readers if they would be intrested in writing a review for my book.

I am a new author and would like authors and readers who would be willing to review my book if I sent them an ARC. I don't want violate any terms of the group. Any suggestions on what is the best way of asking?

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There are several internet chat groups hosted by Yahoo! that you can join, and which I have found useful. Here are three that can help you get the word out about your book:

Be sure to read the guidelines before posting to the groups.

You can also send personal emails to book critics who publish in newspapers & blogs, asking them if you can send them an arc. This doesn't guarantee that you will be reviewed, but it can't hurt.

Good luck!
Thanks this is useful, just by any chance would you like to read my book and post a review on Amazon and Barnes, and anywhere else like your blog. If so, I will mail you a copy. Thanks
I'd be glad to look at your book and read it for a possible review. You can contact me at my email, & I will give you an address to send it.
Go to the Rap Sheet, click on all the sites on the right that offer reviews. Write an email, ask would you like to consider reviewing my book? Be polite (humble works for me, too), and the majority will say yes, send us a copy.
Thanks for the website, I did go to your website, I think I met you at the BEA last year as I recognized one of your books. Would you be willing to read my book and write a review at amazon, barnes and anywhere else like your blog. If so I will send you a copy. Thanks a ton.
I'm not a reviewer, Mr. P.

Ask BookBitch, Armchair Interviews, all those places you see on The Rap Sheet. They can do you some good, I can't.
Thanks will do.
Thanks for bringing up this question; I've often wondered the same thing. I've accumulated some good reviews from authors I know personally but can definitely use more. I'm going to try something new on my blog: I'm going to add a page titled "Blurb My Books." I'll post my current reviews and invite people to add more. Under their quotes, I'll post their own titles and the links to their websites and/or blogs. Who knows, maybe the reciprocity will help.

Julie Lomoe
Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
Read today's blog: "I'm bipolar, I'm out, and I'm proud"
That's a great idea, will try that too. Would you be interested in reviewing my book for your blog, Amazon and barnes, I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist and my book is a murder mystery psychological thriller. Visit for more information. Thanks for the tip.
I'm not planning to review others' books for my blog; however, I am planning to have guest bloggers if they fit in with the tone of my work. Your background and book sound like a good fit - as an art therapist, I worked in mental health for many years, and Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders is about a psychiatric social club. I will check out your link and let you know.

Julie Lomoe
Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
That's fine too let me know, you can also visit

I am willing to do that. I love to read new authors. What's the book about?


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