I've had stories with Alfred Hitchcock & The Strand for over 4 months now.  How long to wait?  Do I do a follow up letter or just submit elsewhere?  Ellery Queen has rejected 4 stories in the same time.  I don't recall responses taking this long many years ago when I used to submit.  Thanks.  Jed  

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Ah, Jed, I have the same problem.  I also don't know what to do.  I always give them an exclusive.  And no, this is longer than I have ever waited, and I am getting bent out of shape, threatening every day to withdraw the story. It seems to me that she must not like it very much, and if that's the case, there's no point in waiting any longer.  It so happens, this one is one of my better stories.

AH can take a while.  Drop an email if you want to, she is always responsive to emails.  The Strand is known to be non-responsive.  They don't respond to emails either.

Ouch!  I'd considered THE STRAND next.  One starts counting the money one loses by not getting the story on Kindle.

Yes, but that does suggest that it's not a good idea to give exclusives.

I just go one back that took four months.  Anything over three months usually means they are giving it more consideration.  I got a handwritten note on this last one that indicated it almost made publication.  

I agree with what the others here say, AH is typically 4 to 6 months. I have two there now. EQ used to be the same but since they went to electronic submissions I got a response in about two weeks. (it was not the response I wanted :))

Good luck,

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

I still have two at AHMM, 8 going on 9 months. Let's hope Brian's right and they're holding them because of interest and not to use as coasters for their coffee. :).
Happy holidays all,
David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

Good luck, David.  May you get a positive answer soon.  I don't think I could be that patient.  A story is useless as it waits, and then remains useless for another 9 months after the magazine is on the stands.  That can mean 2 years of not making money electronically.

But I grant you, there are other sorts of rewards from publication in AHMM and EQMM.

Very true. But, remember just a few short months ago, when we didn't have any other choice? How times have shifted.
David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

8-9 months!  That's ridiculous.  If they didn't accept them I'd be pissed.  Best,  Jed

Well, I have to say I've never had to wait this long before with AHMM, but neither am I sitting around and just waiting either. I have a bunch of stories up online and a bunch in the pipe line so to have these two stories sit doesn't really bother me much. That said, this is probably the only market (and EQMM) I'd tolerate it from because of the wide readership and prestique they offer. In fact, they are the only short story magazine markets I send crime stories too anymore.
Or maybe they never got them or lost them. Who knows, after a while more I'll inquire.
David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

If its been 4 months, its OK for you to follow up on it.  Its been long enough that you're not being rude.  If it was at the bottom of a pile all these months, they might pull it up if you call or write.  Hope that actually helps.

Miriam Pia


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