IJ Parker: Now Appearing in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

IJ Parker Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine November 2012 Issue

CrimeSpace's own IJ Parker has a piece in the November 2012 issue of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Confessions features her historical Japanese detective, Akitada, who also appears in her novels.


This is, as Fightin' Joe Biden would say, a "big f$#%ing deal." Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, along with sister pub Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, is at the top of the crime magazine heap. Only the best crime writers appear in its pages. I'll be lucky if I'm even considered in my lifetime. IJ's been at it longer than me, and even she had to wait a year to hear back on her query.


It's the real deal, people.


I got a heads up from IJ about the issue in another post, but it was still a thrill to pick up the issue at Barnes & Noble.


Congratulations, IJ!


P.S. The issue is on stands through Oct. 2, so don't wait to get yours.

Confessions by IJ Parker

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Thanks, John, for mentioning it.  I did know about that but had forgotten.

Wow! Just saw this today, IJ. A big WAYTOGO coming your way! Thanks for bring it to our attention, Benjamin.

Thanks, Mark.  :)


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