Just joined Twitter. And although I agree it is another networking site, and since I do want to spread the word out about my books, I guess Twittering is just another tool we all should be using. But I can't see the fascination in this new fad. Brevity is nice--and the requriement to be brief makes for a creative process--but what's the real attraction here? I like it in Crimespace because we can really fire up some discussion--and passions--on occasion. But how do you do that Twittering?

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Yes, Debbie. Great example.
Twittering is good for communicating, not necessarily blogging. If you think of it more as an open chat room or a way to send short messages to people you know, then that makes it much clearer in how to use it. And you're right, Debbie, using a management tool is absolutely necessary to appreciate what Twitter can do. I didn't get really into it until I started using Tweetdeck. There has to be a way to capture the messages that are meant for you directly.

One last note: as Chris Anderson said very well in his book The Long Tail, the internet is a great place to find small, micro-niches of like-minded people, folks who share your interests. It's just as with Crimespace and how it's drawn together the writers/readers interested in crime. You can find people more easily using the web who have interests very closely like yours. Twitter is just another good way to do this.
Dystonia definitely qualifies as a micro-niche! :)
Good one, Jack. I joined Twitter -- thought it would be a good way to fire out quick announcements. By observing what other Tweeple did, it seemed like it might work. When a couple of people with similar interests (mystery writing to be precise) asked me to "follow" them, I naturally felt compelled to support my fellow scribes.

To my dismay, my "home" page was subsequently FLOODED with every particle of mindless trivia and minutia these people could dream up! Every thought that entered their heads was cast out into my Twitter page, clogging up the cyberwaves and making it impossible for me to view LEGITIMATE updates from people I wanted to follow. I can't even describe it adequately. One woman added 12 posts in one evening -- covering her every action, from watching Grey's Anatomy, to feeling tired!!! Man, was I ticked!

Needless to say, I am now very selective about who I will follow! So, Jack, what IS your Mom's name? ha ha just kidding.....
I overheard a couple of kids talking the other day--that's right, to each other in person--and one said Twitter was so yesterday. There's something new out there called Tag. ???? I have no idea, so don't ask.

I've heard of photos being tagged on Facebook, but otherwise, no clue here.

But then, I'm not exactly a kid anymore. :)
It occurred to me that this could be referring to Twitter hash tags, which are a big deal right about now.
See #amazonfail
Technology and communication systems change faster than I can flush the toilet. Why try to keep up? Just pick and choose what you want to use and stick with it.
Right on, B.R. Twitter is a fad. The shine is already wearing off. Soon it will be on to the next one. At some point, people will reach a limit. It takes time to constantly update profiles and read through other people's stuff. It's better to find something you like and stick with it rather than spreading yourself thin.
I agree with this. In the sense that Twitter is something of a media darling right now, that'll pass. Ben's right: there are A LOT of tools out here for social networking. Best strategy is to find the ones you like and use them then don't waste time with the ones you don't like.
I did start a Twitter page but gave it up. It seems to me that you really have to Twitter practically every day to make it work for you, and frankly, I;d rather spend that time writing. I believe that blogs and webpages etc., are better for promotions, at least for me.
So how do you find publishers/agencts Twittering names?


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