Just joined Twitter. And although I agree it is another networking site, and since I do want to spread the word out about my books, I guess Twittering is just another tool we all should be using. But I can't see the fascination in this new fad. Brevity is nice--and the requriement to be brief makes for a creative process--but what's the real attraction here? I like it in Crimespace because we can really fire up some discussion--and passions--on occasion. But how do you do that Twittering?

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No, no and no. I'm already sick of it, and I don't even do it.
Twitter can be co-opted into something quite useful. I put the widget on my website and use it to detail things on the main page that might get people to go deeper into the site. For example, I can Twitter "Check out the updates on the Newsletter Page!" or "Now signing my books in Borders at 1300 & 5th Avenue, come on down!" from my mobile phone, and bam, it's on my website. Much easier than updating the website, which I have to do from home. If you're on the go, the Twitter widget can do great things.
I think Twitter is on the wrong side of my oh-shit rule for marketing. Margaret Maron coined the name. Basically, if doing a promotional activity makes you go, "Oh shit!" don't do it. Unless, of course, there's an extenuating condition--being paid, doing a favor, whatever. But the idea of Twitter just doesn't appeal to me.

Or maybe I'm just afraid nobody would follow me. That would be embarrassing, especially considering the case of one of my husband's colleagues. He signed up to see what it was about, but never did anything. Not a tweet. Yet he has seven people following him.

I'm going to use tin cans and string for promotion.
LOL! Tin cans and string. I love it. Maybe we can get together, build a bonfire and send smoke signals, too. :)
just joined Twitter a few days ago, out of curiosity. Totally underwhelmed by it until I saw some excellent reviews by French and German critics of a couple of my books coming out in France , this week. Now I've become a bit of a Twit, to which most of my friends say they knew that a long time ago...
sam millar
So what's your Twitter handle, Sam? I'm always interested in connecting with other crime writers.

Look me up at http://twitter.com/debbimack
It strikes me that anything that involves millions of people babbling constantly about their stuff is hardly the place to hear a single voice crying in the wilderness. Same goes for Facebook.
When it comes to Twitter, I think it's knowing which voices in the babble to tune in to that counts.

I know this analogy is getting a bit hoary, but Twitter's like a cocktail party. And you may hear a lot of people talking at once, but you can't listen to them all or talk to them all, either. But like many parties, you may find someone interesting to talk to. And sometimes you go to the party not only to see, but to be seen.

That's my take on Twitter so far.
I'm keeping my Twitter account, but I'm still not impressed. On the other hand, Facebook can be quite interesting. I find myself actually coming to like a number of people who are have 'friended' me on my page. And someone will make an intelligent comment almost on a daily basis. It's worth keeping Facebook just for that.


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