I've spent two weeks trying to find someone to scan some of my old titles with OCR software so I can put the books on Kindle and Scribd. Can't find anybody who even knows that much about it. Does anybody know where I can find someone who does this kind of thing? Or would like to do it? I've been told the process shouldn't take more than 3 hours if you break the book spine and you know what you're doing. I think you'd want to charge a minimum of $100 per book, probably more. This could be some extra income for someone because a lot of writers need books scanned. I wrote my first books on a typewriter, so I have no digital files. Don't have digital files of later ones either, because edits were all done on hard copy.

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Hi Anne,
I know how to do this, I used to do this for the company I used to work for. I could help you with this if you want. I have never done this as a freelancers so we sould talk first. Please email at ed.vincent@encirclepub.com



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