Most of you know my struggles to get some books on Kindle.  It's been a very troubled year, but this summer, I finally managed to get the 4 Akitada novels on a Kindle Exclusive.  Today, I got my first check for the first full month, and . . . Joe Konrath was right!


The books are selling very well and I get 70 % (minus the agent's 15 %).  Sales are falling off a little after the first month, but they continue with very respectable numbers (say 2 sales for each title per day). By the end of a year, I'll have an idea how much each book earned without a publisher's involvement.  The experience raises the question why I would want a publisher in the first place.  Kindle sales will surpass advances for all sorts of rights.  And, as Joe says, e-books are forever.  I can sit back and wait for the checks to come in.


Of course, this sort of thing may be a tad easier when you already have some name recognition.  And betting on that, I am also self-publishing a historical trilogy that the big 6 turned their nose up at.  In this case, I decided to go for e-book only.  One book is up already and doing very well.  Two more will follow August 15 and Sept. 1.


I'm now toying with the idea of putting up some short stories.


And do you know what?  I suddenly have this great burst of energy for writing again. 



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Thanks, Caroline.  I'm still pondering this.  It's not even an Akitada novel.  Now I feel sorry for Akitada.  :)

But you say you have 4 Akitada novels on a Kindle exclusive, so no need to feel too sorry! My, what would Akitada have thought of e-books!  Tora would have thought them the work of demons. :)


The best thing is this is giving you that "burst of creative energy."  It's very hard to sustain creativity when there is no audience, no appreciation, no sales.  Yet it's what every writer, every artist needs---just to keep up  the energy, the flow of ideas, the will to continue.

I've always had a "thing" for real  books, but if Kindle and e-books can get more readers for writers like you and others who produce quality work, then I;m all for it.

Thanks, Caroline.  Yes, quite right.  As for the Akitada books, they're still doing pretty well, but sales have fallen off a bit every month, and that makes me worry.

I'll soon put a couple of Akitada short stories on Kindle.  They deal with supernatural creatures.

Thanks everyone.  As usual, I feel somewhat encouraged and also humbled and impressed by what you others have managed to achieve.  I see the comment there about formatting ebooks.  You know, there was a discussion about this over at LinkedIn a few weeks ago. does that for people at a reasonable rate and enables people another selling point.  That might be for SF &F however.  Not sure whether or not that helps, but hopefully it does.


Regarding 'selling it along with other items': presently, there are a few nf books that I helped to ghostwrite.  In your more experienced opinions, are those items that I should advertise along with what I have authored?  Also, there are some short stories, but in the case of those I am still seeking paid publication for those. 


Please forgive me if I come across as excessively egocentric "I" "me" "mine".  Like all of us using English "I" is a self reference. ...LOL, the same goes for you!  Despite the drama and self centredness I am very aware that my big ego and life are mere specks in the cosmic ocean and that in practice, I'm just some poor but well educated American novelist Mommy philosophy Nobody who is somehow Somebody and Someone who is somehow an invisible Nobody.  Re: name recognition as an author: interesting point because in truth, during childhood while an avid reader, the names of the author were really 2nd place to the story and as an adult author my personal belief is that I just want people to love the stories.  For me, send decent pay and the name is just to help them find stories if they like my stuff...The stories are not about the writer at all, which is as it should be.




Thank you for those words of encouragement. I am a newbee at the game, but I'm a quick learner. I was leery of the e-sales and always stirred towards the Big Houses, but I done seem the lights. Thank you again augie

You're welcome.  In the beginning, this business is hard.  Don't give up on the traditional route.  They can do something for newcomers that e-books cannot do.  But know that you have other options.  That is worth a lot.
Thanks.  I've been trying to get in for 20 years or so, and I've finally started getting somewhere.  Most of the problem has been my personal shortcomings combined with funding and instability of circumstances but its not from lack of talent or skill as a writer.  Its other aspects of the job.  Luckily, you are amongst a number of more experienced authors who have been able to just share some of what they are going through doing this job and so I am able to gain a natural sense of what is involved.


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