That is, it is a mystery based game, not a mysterious project.

Hey guys, my name is Joe. I am looking for a writer or two for a new project. We're an established company, can pay advances vs. royalties for the right person, ect. We're also a small company, which hopefully makes us mildly more trustworthy and certainly faster with pulling the trigger on new ideas and projects.

Anyway, if you are good at writing short-ish "who dunnit" stories please take a look at my profile for all the information on this.

-Joe Lieberman
Bringing interactivity back to storytelling.

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I'm a gamer myself. It's good to see a company actively looking for writers. What kind of format do you have in mind for it? Something like the Ace Attorney series, or Hotel Dusk, or maybe something like the Professor Layton series? Or maybe more of a point and click adventure like Beneath a Steel Sky?
More like... the old days of interactive fiction with some revamped style and a new target audience. Basically, a crime based story where you have a variety of options, clues to look at, witnesses to question, and in the end have to piece together the crime and solve the case.

More story than game... but we have the engine mostly done to make it happen. Our original target is with romance / sim; but I had the idea to do a Holmesian who-dunnit in the same style. Sadly, writing a crime fiction isn't our thing and takes a certain... type of person.

First, you have to convince me you're not Joe Lieberman, Senator from CT.
Aww come on, JL from CT would never admit to voting democratic (or republican). Ain't that enough ;)
har! good


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