I've had my first e-book published by Kindle and Smashwords last month and are trying to promote it but does not seem to get anywhere.  Am I on the right forum here?  This seems to be only a crime writers forum and my book is classified as Action/thriller with a bit of crime thrown in.

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You are on the discussion forum where we talk about things other than our books.  On the forum, self-promotion will get you nowhere.  However, it's nice to have a new author who may have interesting thoughts on the profession.

Thanks, I will certainly follow the discussions on this forum.



There are two threads below about promotion.  A WASTE OF TIME? and WHY DON'T WE BUY EACH OTHERS BOOKS? Check them out. We share ideas and experiences, basically, but not too many books get bought or sold here. And welcome. How do you know your books aren't "getting anywhere?" What have you been doing to tell readers they are available?

I've been trying Facebook and also other forums but without results.  I've found out that Smashwords only "shipped"my book to the distributors/publishers like Apple, Sony etc last week so maybe I must give it a bit more time.   I've sold a few copies of the book on Kindle e-books but they apparently only "do" the South African market.  How all these things/webs or whatever interact with other remains a mystery to me.  They, Kindle, suggested that I publish on Amazon  as well but so far I could not get anywhere with Amazon and have given up trying.  It looks like it gets onto Amazon automatically.

Thanks for replying. 

Do I take it that you live in South Africa?  You probably just got on the local Kindle.  Explore the KDP section for publishing again and check the various countries you want to sell in.


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