I know it's not for everyone.  It's not even for me sometimes. But when I want noir, I want great noir, whether it's a movie or a book.  

For example, "Out of the Past" with Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, and the amazing Jane Greer, with Jacques Tourneur directing.  Or "Gun Crazy" with John Dall and Peggy Cummins.  

Or Megan Abbott's "Bury Me Deep" or Queenpin" or Christa Faust's "Money Shot," or anything by the amazing Sam Reaves.

Nominations, anyone?  And what is noir, exactly, and what is it we like about it?  

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Well, whoops. How could I not have seen the influence of German expressionism on noir, especially given all the people who fled to Hollywood and reestablished themselves there?

Thanks so much, DTK. You've given me a whole new perspective. Have you written about all this elsewhere?
Thanks again. I have not written about it before but have read and watched quite few books, articles and documentaries that enable me to appear insightful when discussing noir!


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