Hello all you crime writing junkies. I thought I'd try to put together a cool noir issue of Gloom Cupboard for April (or whenever I get enough stories).

Stories should ideally be between 50 and 2000 words, no novel excerpts, prose only. Email to GCFICTION@gmail.com.  Please add in the subject line "noir submission" somewhere so I can pull these out and save them separately. 

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I've gotten a couple of stories, but still looking for more noir. Send over your hard-boiled best.
When is the closing date?
I was hoping to do a march or april issue, but it's fluid. For now, still open. I'll post when I have enough. If you need a few weeks to work on something, that should be fine.
Hey Allie, I was wondering if there were any specific submission/formatting guidlines that you prefer? I assume double-spacing, but are there any other specifications?

We try not to put constrictions on people so as not to limit the audience of writers (not everyone is so great on computers or lives in a country with the latest software). It would help, though, if you used the double quote marks when writing dialogue. I have to change those by hand and it's a pain. A word attachment is great if you can but not required. And if you put your word count in the email it helps me sort them.
I should have a submission ready by Monday. It's late Saturday now, I'm not sure what day it is in America, but basically I'll have it ready two days from now. Is that too late?
I'm intrigued, but can you be a little more specific about how you envision "noir"? For example, are amateur sleuths OK? I don't write hard-boiled detective stuff. I have a short story about an old woman deliberately walking out into a blizzard to end her life - is that noir enough for you?

I just went to your site to learn more - it looks great, as well it should; you're using the same WordPress theme as mine! I'll go back and browse more, but I'd still like an answer to the "noir" question.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
I like webster's description:

"crime fiction featuring hard-boiled cynical characters and bleak sleazy settings." yeah, baby.
I'm still digging into all of these subs. Instead of one single noir issue, I may run a few, keeping the issues to one or two stories each to spotlight them. So if you still have something you'd like to send in, do so.


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