Just wondering if anyone can tell me if the "PAGES" word processor that came with my new IMAC is Ok for Novel & Short Story length work & for submitting?  If not what should I get?  Thanks.  Jed

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Hi Jed,


Pages is a good all round word processor but I use a piece of software called Storyist. It gives you a full range of templates for all kinds of creative writing, allows you to create 'cards' for characters, scenes and a whole host of other useful features to keep your writing organised.


You can learn more about it here http://storyist.com/index.html.


Kind regards



Since you have a mac, there is an app in the app store for your desktop called Scrivener customized for writers.  With many features - you can use it for novels, screenwriting, plays, etc.  It's $45, check it out.  http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php


Pages will work of course - but for me, I avoid word processing programs like Word or Pages (never really liked them).  Scrivener syncs with my iPad (the text) which is convenient.  Just one person's opinion...


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