I heard somebody today say they'd NEVER write a novel without a contract, and never have. Not even as a beginner (this person has sold dozens of novels). But I know a number of people who have. Have you written a novel on spec? Glad you did it? Regret it? 


Just curious.







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Forty-six novels? Damn, man. Respect.
That's incredible; that's even more than what I had estimated as my output for this entire lifetime.  I haven not done anywhere nearly as many as I had intended - in truth, Alethia Publishing is putting out one of my novels for the very first time this year.  They are the first.  There are a few books I've helped to ghostwrite: The Complete Guide to Investing in Mutual Funds by Alan Northcott, Be Diversity Competent! by Jermaine Davis, The Expatriot Guidebook for moving to the USA for Expatriot Focus, Think and Grow Rich Family Style published by Angel Vision LLC, and Alethia is bringing out An Adventure in Indianapolis by Miriam Pia [OMG, that's actually my name and my own idea and one of my stories].  So far that its it, but its sad because after I generated a first novel while an undergraduate I had imagined that I would have come up with and had published about 15 by now, including 12 SF, and after all that, An Adventure in Indianapolis is general fiction /crime fiction - not even SF!  How wrong I can be?!  Boo hoo.


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