Here is another opportunity for me to demonstrate my ignorance ... again! Those of us who are indie authors/publishers  offer our novels both as eBooks and print. Since I must do pretty much everything on my own, I've tried to reach markets outside the through Amazon's affiliates like,,, etc as well as other non-Amazon sites. My EeBooks have been easy to connect to those web sites of Amazon's affiliatesm  and I have been able to sell them overseas. However, print books are a different breed.

Does anyone know how to painlessly offer their novels to connections like without opening up a bank account there through their Advantage program or paying Nielsen BookData fees?


Thanks in advance.

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I wish I had an answer for you.  My books do appear on overseas Amazon sites (well, they are listed), but only in the English version.  I have no idea if my publishers are responsible or if Amazon automatically lists them on all sites.  You might contact Amazon.  In any case, sales have been negligible.

Thanks,I.J. I did contact, and unfortunately, the writer or publisher needs to go througheach oveseas site, like and either have their book availabe thorugh Nielsen BookData or use the Advantage account, which requires a UK bank account. Here is the Amazon, uk reply: listings are (usually) created via data feeds from Nielsen BookData. Once Nielsen have the required information, the book will usually be listed within a week. The only alternative to going through Nielsen is to check with your publisher to see if a supply relationship already exists. If it does, your publisher will either have an Amazon Account Manager or an Amazon Advantage account. Either of these can be used to create the listing - an additional benefit of this is that supply for the book will also be organised. If none of these existing relationships exist, the best option is to setup an Amazon Advantage account. Advantage allows suppliers to ensure that we do hold a level of physical stock of your books at one of our warehouses. This has proven to be a powerful way for authors and publishers to promote and sell their items on

 It looks like your publisher did this for you by linking your novels with Nielsen BookData. Otherwise, you'd be in the same fix I am. Right now, I am looking at the Nielsen avenue to see if it is feasible and economical.


Ah, yes.  That makes sense.  I'm sorry.  Still, sales are very small, so perhaps it's no great loss.
One more reason why eBooks are taking over the market.
Glad you said that.  I'm about to go exclusively that way.
No idea. I second the notion to push e-books.
if i'm correct regarding nielson - it is about £110.00 GBP for 10 ISBNs (and a copy of your book sent to the central library) which then allows you to be listed - may be more to it than that though...


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