...how's everybody doing with their writing this year? Are you meeting your goals? What challenges have you/are you facing? What do you have planned for the next quarter of 2013?

I'll go first.

I released four self-published titles. A short story entitled COP SHOT, a collection of 5-short stories called TAINTED BADGE, and a full 13-story omnibus collection of short stories called MYSTERY, MAYHEM & MURDER. The two collections are also available in print as well as electronically. And finally, I published a 32k novella called AMBER ALERT, my latest entry in my Grace deHaviland, bounty hunter series.

For the next two months I'm planning to publish two more short stories (part of my urban fantasy series under my pen name David Miller) and another original Grace deHaviland novella which will also be released in a three novella collection, for a total of four releases in the next two months.

How about you?

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I'm pretty happy at the moment. Mind you, my short stories went up last year, as did two novels. But I'm almost done with the next Akitada novel and have a literary thriller waiting in the wings (a book I'd held back, thinking it was good enough to go the publisher route--foolish notion!). Both of those books should be released early this summer. Then I'll look into print via Createspace. Then I'll ponder whether there's any point in releasing electronic versions on AmazonUK for books where Penguin has U.S.rights. And who knows, my agents may be able to make more foreign sales.

A new agent is showing a new series. Four editors have had it two months. "No news is good news," says the agent, but I'm getting hysterical. I'm supposed to be working on the follow-up, but I think it's bad luck.

My Austin Carr series is getting another shot, E-book only. Out very soon with a new small new publisher. First three are in the can, but the fourth needs some work.

And I had this idea of collecting a bunch of blogs I wrote "on the road" back a few years ago, updating everything, editing, etc., and then self-publishing a non-fiction book. Something like, "NAKED, DRUNK, AND SCARED, How Not to Promote Your New Novel."

Until I know about the new series, I've been working on the non-fiction and a diary about something I'm going thru personally (which of course will be fiction someday).

The waiting is murder!  The non-fiction book sounds great.  Much good luck!

Sound like interesting projects. Good luck with them.

I'm doing better than anticipated. My novel, THE KILLING DEPTHS, has gotten some good reviews and is selling moderately well as an e-book (slower sales for the print version). It's been getting pretty good ranking on Amazon, especially under the mystery category. I'm getting another mystery ready for production, and it should be out about fall. I finished the first draft of a sci-fi novella; I'll get back to that when I get the new mystery finished. And I had a mystery short story published online and in an anthology. Alas, it still doesn't let me quit my day job...

Doing well! Good luck with all of them!


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